Sugar News: Sugar production rises 42% to 110.22 lakh tonnes in October-December quarter: Isma MA

Sugar News: Sugar production in India has increased by 42% to 110.22 lakh tonnes.

Sugar News: During October-December, the country’s sugar production increased by 42% year-on-year to 110.22 lakh tonnes. Related information is given in the business information. Increased sugar production means more sugarcane production in Maharashtra and early crushing of sugar mills Read more – Sugar Production Update: Sugar Production Doubles in October-November, Maharashtra-Karnataka ahead

Let me tell you, the Chinese marketing year runs from October to September. Read more – Sugar production in India: Due to timely crushing, sugar production in the country has almost tripled till November 15: Isma

The Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA) said in a statement that sugar mills produced 110.22 lakh tonnes of sugar in October-December 2020-2111, up from 77.63 lakh tonnes in the same period last year. . Read more – Nitin Gadkari says excess sugar production in country is ‘big problem’

Chinese production in Maharashtra was 39.66 lakh tonnes at the time under review, which was 1.50 lakh tonnes more than the same period a year ago.

At the same time, sugar production in Uttar Pradesh rose marginally to 33.66 lakh tonnes from 33.16 lakh tonnes in the same period last year.

So far, an agreement has been signed for the export of about 1 million tonnes of sugar and shipping has started.

Notably, the government has set a target of exporting 1 million tonnes of sugar to meet the surplus stock of sugar in the 2020-21 marketing year. Isma said, “Sugar production in Thailand, the second largest sugar exporter, is about 80-90 lakh tonnes less than normal production. There are.

According to ISMA, India has a good chance to export and contract sugar between March and April 2021. Brazilian sugar will come to the market then. The industry body said that the rupee has appreciated from Rs 744 to Rs 733 per dollar in the last ten days, which has led to a sharp decline in the profits of sugar mills in the Indian rupee. Isma said, “Considering the global demand for Indian sugar and low sugar production in Thailand, the European Union, etc., India will be able to export in 2020-21 by supporting its target with the help of export subsidy per tonne.”


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