Sorting out the bad days: As jobs in the tourism sector begin to grow, so do wages

In the aftermath of the Corona epidemic in the country, both job opportunities and wages have begun to rise. In the tourism sector, more job-related posts are starting to appear on portal portals than by 2020. Also, salaries during the Corona epidemic are 65% higher than last year.
According to the global job portal INDED, the average hotel manager’s salary offer in the travel industry increased by about 63% from March to August this year.

Salary increase from manager to hotel receptionist

At a cost of Rs 1 lakh in this month of 2010, the manager’s salary has reached around Rs 4.755 lakh annually in 2020. At the same time, the salary of hotel receptionist has increased from 1.722 lakh to 2 lakh annually. The salary of a travel consultant has increased from Rs 2.755 lakh to Rs 3 lakh. However, the salary of travel agents has been reduced. In 2019, the average salary received by agents in the entire industry in March-August was 3.15 lakhs which has come down to three lakhs by 2020.

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Demand has also increased in the hotel industry

Jobs in the hotel industry are also on the rise. According to the report, the demand for jobs in the industry increased by about 70 percent in May this year compared to last year. This fall began to show improvement by September and now job positions have dropped to 58 percent.

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Statistics show that each of the eight jobs in the country is associated with the tourism sector somewhere. However, when we talk about the average from March to August, the job-related post is still 50 percent lower in 2020 than in 2019. However, the number of job seekers in this sector also increased by 30% during the lockdown and unlock in the Corona epidemic.


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