PM Kisan FPO Yojana: Know- What is FPO and how does this scheme help farmers?

PM Kisan FPO Yojana: FPO is an organization of farmers, through which a lot of help is provided to small and marginal farmers.

PM Kisan FPO Yojana: The full form of FPO is Former Producer Organizations. It is an organization whose members are farmers themselves. This organization provides full help to small and marginal farmers. Be it technical support, marketing, processing and other irrigation facilities. Also Read – PM Kisan FPO Yojana: Government will give 15 lakh rupees to farmers, if you have not applied yet, then know – what is the method?

What is the motive behind the formation of FPO? Also Read – UP: This incentive scheme will start to advance ‘One District One Product’

Farmers who produce agricultural products can form a group of their own and get them registered under the Indian Companies Act. To make this process easier, this has been done by the Ministry of Agriculture and Department of Agriculture Cooperation, Government of India to provide assistance to the farmers. That is, through this help can be provided to the farmers. Seeds, fertilizers, machinery, market linkages, training, networking, financial assistance and technical support are provided through this organization. Also Read – UP: President will inaugurate ODOP, state’s development will get a new flight

The main objective of this organization is to provide all possible help to the farmers, because small farmers do not get government assistance in the same way as big farmers do. In agricultural marketing, there is a chain of brokers, who do not work in a transparent manner, due to which the farmers get very low prices. Out of the money that the consumer pays for that product, very little part reaches the farmers. Through this, farmers can get help. Through this organization, farmers will be able to sell their produce at a higher price.

Highlights of FPO

  1. The FPO should have at least 100 members in the North-East and hilly areas, while for the plains, at least 300 farmers should be in the organization.
  2. It should be formed and promoted by Cluster Based Business Organizations and there should be agency to implement it at State or Cluster level.
  3. It should be promoted under One District, One Product. For this better marketing, branding, processing and export should be promoted.
  4. It provides adequate training and hand holding and primary training is provided from the level of CBO.
  5. In the formation of FPO, priority is given to those districts which are aspirational and at least one block of one district should have one FPO.


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