Petrol Diesel Price Today: Petrol and Diesel Prices Hike, Know How Much Price Increased…

Petrol Diesel Price Today: After about 18 days, the public sector oil marketing companies increased the price of petrol by 15 paise per liter and diesel by 18 paise per liter.

Petrol Diesel Price Today: Public sector oil marketing companies increased petrol price by 15 paise per liter and diesel by 18 paise per liter after about 18 days. According to the price notification issued by the oil companies, the price of petrol in Delhi has now increased from Rs 90.40 to Rs 90.55 per liter, while the price of one liter of diesel has increased from Rs 80.73 to Rs 80.91. According to local taxes (VAT) and transportation fares, the price of petrol and diesel varies in different parts of the country. Also Read – Petrol price today, 31 March 2021: Petrol, diesel prices stabilized today, crude oil trading up sharply

Oil companies stopped the review on April 15 after a slight price cut. It is worth mentioning that during this time, the process of assembly elections was going on in five states of the country including West Bengal. Also Read – Crude Oil Price Today, 19 March 2021: Crude oil declines for the sixth consecutive day, will petrol and diesel prices be reduced now?

Even before the end of the voting, oil companies had given indications of a hike in prices, because during this time the prices in the international market had risen sharply. Due to strong demand in the US, the price of crude oil has increased. Also Read – Petrol price hike: softening in crude oil will give relief from increase in petrol, diesel prices!

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