Mustard oil has been sold at a record price of Rs 1,160 per liter

Contrary to expectations of a drop in edible oil in Kharama after the sinking, prices have reached record highs this time. Mustard oil with crusher has reached Rs 160 per liter. Mustard prices are also at record levels. Prices of soybean, groundnut, bran and sunflower oil also rose significantly.

The price of mustard crop has reached record levels due to poor harvest. Mustard, which was sold at Rs 4,200 to Rs 4,500 per quintal three months ago, is now being sold at Rs 7,500 to Rs 77,700 per quintal. Experts say that in such a situation, mustard oil sold for less than Rs 150 per kg cannot be refined. Crush oil, which was sold at Rs 145 per liter a month ago, has now reached Rs 160. Mahesh Agarwal, who sells crushing oil in Mahdipur, says, ‘Selling Tk 1,160 per liter will save Tk 5. Inflation has not come down yet. The price of mustard oil will come down after the arrival of the new crop in the second fortnight of February. This time, a good harvest is expected, however, by February 15 people will have to bear the brunt of inflation. Anup Kishore Agarwal, president of the Chamber of Traders, said prices were expected to fall after the sentiment. The reason for the rise in prices despite the low demand is beyond comprehension.

In 30 days, date oil is 20 percent more expensive

Rising prices of imported palm oil have pushed up the price of branded mustard oil. Palm oil, which was sold at Rs 90 per liter on December 1, has reached Rs 110. Oil trader Sanjay Singhania says there is a 20 per cent discount on mixing mustard oil with palm oil. With the exception of branded firms, the rest of the firms do not pay attention to this value of proportion. If palm oil is not cheap, the price of branded mustard oil will not go down. Mustard oil prices have reached record levels.

Wholesale and retail prices have risen

Edible oil (retail per liter) 1 December 2020 3 January 2021
Mustard oil branded 120-138 Rs 125-145
Soy 115-124 rupees 120-136 rupees
Peanuts 140-160 Rs 140-165
Sunflower 130-135 Rs 130-140

Edible oil (per liter, in bulk) 1 December 2020 3 January 2021
Mustard oil Rs 100-130 Rs 110-135
Soy 110-118 Rs 118-126
Peanuts 135-145 rupees 140-150 rupees
Date oil 90 rupees 108 rupees
The price of sun flower is 125-135 rupees 135-140 rupees
Rice Bron Oil 125-135 Rs 135-140


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