Indian Currency: Now 5 rupees note with number 786 is getting thousands in exchange, know what is the way to earn?

Indian Currency: Now there is a chance to earn thousands of rupees in exchange for the 5 rupee note with number 786. If you also have this special note then you can earn in thousands sitting at home.

Indian Currency: In this era of Corona epidemic, where people’s jobs are going away, on the other hand many companies are bringing you many opportunities to earn. If you also need money during the Corona period, then you too can earn in thousands while sitting at home. You don’t need to do much for this. In exchange for this 5 rupee note, you can earn up to 30,000 35,000 thousand rupees. You will not even have to go anywhere for this. Only you have to see that you have any old 5 rupee note lying with you. If you have this special note of 5 rupees, then you are sure that you are sure to get money.Also Read – 20 Ka Note: If you also have this 20 rupee note, then you too can earn thousands sitting at home, know what is the way

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You can easily earn thousands of rupees by selling this five rupee note online. The special thing about this note is that the number 786 (5 Rupees Note 786) should be written on it. Also, tractor (5 Rupees Note With Tractor Value) should also be made on this note. If you also have such a note, then you can get Rs 30,000-35,000 in exchange for it. Also Read – Indian Currency: If you have this 50 paise coin, then you can become a millionaire sitting at home, know what is the way to earn

If you also have this special note issued by Reserve Bank of India, then you are lucky. You can earn thousands for this one note. At this time there are many such websites where there is tremendous buying and selling of old notes and coins. If your old notes and coins are according to the prescribed conditions, then you can get very good money for it.

Where to sell 5 rupees special note?

You will be surprised to know that this special note is not going to be found so easily anywhere. If you have a tractor note of Rs 5, then you can get Rs 30,000 instead. For this, many companies like ShopClues and Marudhar Arts can sell their old currency at a good price sitting at home. Apart from this, on, money is available manifold in exchange for old notes. Actually these platforms give good price for the old currency.

You can go to the websites of these companies and upload a photo of your old note and charge a good price for it. For this, you have to go to their website, then you will have to register here as a seller. You can then invite bids for the sale by uploading a picture of your note online. Anyone who is interested in buying such a special note will contact you. Where you can bargain according to your own. Also how to deliver. You can also talk about this.

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