Gold ornaments: There is no scope for fraud in buying gold jewelery, BIS Hallmarking will sell only jewelery from June

Gold ornaments: There is no scope for fraud in buying gold jewelery, BIS Hallmarking will sell only jewelery from June

Gold ornaments: There will be no chance of fraud in buying gold ornaments. Only BIS hallmarking jewelry will be sold from June.

Gold ornaments: There will be no scope for fraud in buying gold ornaments, as the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) will sell hallmarking of jewelery in the country from June 1. Union Consumer Affairs Secretary Leena Nandan said the corona infection would make it no problem to apply BIS Hallmarking Essentials to gold jewelery and works of art from June 1, as preparations were ongoing during Corona’s tenure. Read more – Fact check: Gold will be gone from the world by 2035, find out the truth of viral news …

In an exclusive interview with IANS, Leena Nandan said that the requirement for BIS hallmarking was implemented only in January, which was further extended to June 1, 2021 due to Kovid, giving the jewelers plenty of time to prepare. No request was made to extend this date.

Only 22-carat, 18-carat and 14-carat gold ornaments and patterns will be sold in the country from June onwards, which will be a feature of BIS.

Extending the deadline for imposing Hallmark Essentials on gold jewelery and patterns from January 15, 2021, the then Union Minister for Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, the late Ram Bilas Paswan, said that jewelers are facing an epidemic problem because of the corn. Done.

However, senior Indian Administrative Service (IAS) official Leena Nandan said there was no problem now and only Hallmarked gold jewelery would be sold from June 1.

Former Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan launched a campaign to test drinking water in different cities of the country with the aim of providing clean drinking water to the people from taps. When asked about this, the Secretary of the Department of Consumer Affairs said that it has been difficult to collect water samples from the houses due to Kovid, although work has resumed in this direction.

He said that the work of sampling and testing different water from different cities is going on uninterruptedly and BIS has conducted workshops with various municipal agencies to improve the quality of water as per BIS standards. Asked about reports from 100 smart cities in the country on the quality of drinking water supplied to households from taps in the country, he said no such report has come yet, but the water testing program is ongoing. ….

Let us know that a report was released in 2012 on the investigation of drinking water in 21 state capitals of the country, Mumbai’s drinking water supply at the right time, Delhi’s tap water supply is the worst among the BIS standards.

Leena Nandan has strictly enforced the provisions of the new law to protect the rights of consumers and is also trying to make consumers aware of their rights.

He said the video was being disseminated through social media in various languages ​​with the aim of raising public awareness about the new Consumer Protection Act 2019, which came into force in the Corona era last year. He said that in the interest of consumers, information is being provided on the use of e-admission portals, especially for e-commerce and online complaints.



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