Foreign companies will not interfere in BSNL’s Forge service

BSNL’s 4G service will be the most secure communication service in the country. This is the first time that an Indian telecom company has decided to allow only Indian companies to operate in its original way. Under this, an Indian company or a foreign investing company owned by Indians will be allowed to operate on the main system of BSNL’s 4G service.

Sandeep Agarwal, head of the telecom committee of the PhD Chamber of Commerce, wrote a letter to telecom secretary Anshu Prakash for the decision. In it, he said it would change the landscape of the telecom sector in the near future. It will also provide new opportunities for Indian equipment manufacturers.

Agarwal mentioned that the telecom sector consists of two systems, Rain and Core. There is a system connected to a rain or radio tower while the core is the heart or brain of the telecom sector. If an organization operates in a core part of the telecom sector, it has control over the entire communications system. He has access to all dialogues. In such a scenario, it is a welcome step for BSNL to allow only Indian companies to work in this field. This will completely eliminate the possibility of espionage by foreign agencies or contractors

Agarwal said that apart from these, the government has also decided that any domestic or foreign company can install a radio system installed in the tower. However, they have to give the source code to the government. This means that whenever the government wants, it will be able to find out with a single click whether the radio service provider is spying.

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