Customer Diwali begins in online shopping war 50 million new

Customer Diwali begins in online shopping war, 50 million new customers expected to join e-commerce

During the Corona crisis, there seems to have been a lot of change around shopping this time around at festivals. To attract customers, the age-old battle of e-commerce and retail buyers seems to be over and they are both suffering customers. However, the Diwali of customers has just begun in the battle of the top e-commerce companies. The report was released by MintLive, Red Sayer, Retailers Association of India.

According to the report, 75 percent of customers are shopping online at the festival this time. Although 66 per cent would prefer to shop at a small store at the same time, shopping at a shopping mall would be only 33 per cent.

Kumar Rajagopalan, CEO of Retailers Association of India, says more people are shopping online this time. Sandeep Kataria, CEO of Bata India, said that the initial signs show that people are looking to shop at Durga Pujo in the market, but there is no doubt that most customers prefer to shop online.

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Small town customers up front

The report says that in e-commerce sales starting October 16, consumers in smaller cities are ahead of shoppers in larger cities. In just two days, more than 50 percent of young customers were hired, mostly from third-tier cities. However, this time the purchase of large amount is estimated to be 13 percent less than last year. Purchases will be reduced due to reduction in jobs and pay cuts.


Flipkart has teamed up with thousands of retail shoppers in 300 cities and two fashion stores. At the same time, Amazon has added one lakh retailers and 50.50 lakh sellers. The purpose of e-commerce companies is to start anew by delivering products to customers from local stores. In addition, e-commerce products are on display in some stores, which customers can also see.

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