Can pharmacists open their treatment like doctors?

Can pharmacists open their treatment like doctors? If you believe the viral news on social media, then pharmacists like physicians will now be able to open their own clinics, but this news is fake. In fact, the news claims that pharmacists will now be able to behave like doctors. They will be able to advise patients on medications and treatments.

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Claimed air

The Fact Information Team (PIB Fact Check) of the Press Information Bureau is conducted to verify misinformation and rumors about the policies, plans, departments, ministries of the Central Government. #PIBefactCheck tweeted this news as fake. Denying the news, #PIBFactCheck wrote in his tweet that the claim was fake. There is no provision for opening a clinic for a pharmacist under the Pharmacy Act and the Pharmacy Practice Rules.

In fact, in the case of news that has gone viral on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media platforms, there is also talk of provisions in the provisions of the Government of India’s Pharmacy Practice Act Regulations 2015. Under the law, pharmacists working in medical stores can now open their own clinics in the form of allopathic doctors. For this, they need to register with PCI (Pharmacy Council of India) for Bachelor in Pharmacy. After that, you will have to write your educational qualification along with name, registration number on the board outside the clinic. The proposal of the Pharmacy Council of India is claimed to have been approved by the Central Government.

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Complain about any such misleading news

The PIB Fact Check can be used to find out if any news related to the government is true or fake. A screenshot of suspicious news on a PIB fact check, tweet, Facebook post or URL WhatsApp number 918799711259 Or can send [email protected] May match


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