Adequate stock of vaccines for vaccination of priority groups in the first phase: NITI Commission

VK Paul, a member of the policy commission on Monday, said there was enough stockpile of vaccines to vaccinate people battling the corona epidemic in the early stages, including health workers. Paul Kovid is also the chairman of the National Expert Group on Vaccination. He said the government would soon unveil its plans for the purchase and distribution of the vaccine. “In our first phase, the priority group will receive the vaccine, which includes people at high risk of death and our healthcare and front-line staff,” he said in an interview with PTI-Language. We believe we have enough reserves for them.

On Sunday, the drug regulator DCGI approved limited emergency use of two vaccines

On Sunday, India’s drug regulator DCGI approved limited emergency use of two vaccines. The two vaccines approved by the Drug Controller of India for limited emergency use include a full-fledged Kovichin developed by Arford University and AstraZeneca in collaboration with the Serum Institute of India and by a local pharmaceutical company, India Biotech.

Other vaccines will also be available after three to four months

Paul said that three to four months from now, other vaccines will be available and then stocks will increase. He said the immunization program could then be expedited. Asked when the government would announce its plans to buy and distribute the Covid-19 vaccine, he said it would be done now. Now the necessary steps have been taken, now all other steps will be taken.

Bringing people together is the biggest challenge

Responding to what could be the biggest challenge in the mass vaccination of Kovid-19, Paul said that the biggest challenge of such a national effort is to mobilize people. He said, “The most important challenge of mass immunization in this manner is to gather the beneficiaries on the scheduled day and to complete the immunization with ease by taking all precautions.”
According to Paul, the purpose of vaccination is divided and classified.

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He said, “In the end, we want to get vaccinated to stop the epidemic. To achieve this, the ultimate goal is to achieve immunity in the community. Immunization must be achieved by vaccination.


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