Aadhaar Card: You can download Aadhaar card from your mouth, find out – easy way

Aadhaar Card: You can download Aadhaar card from your mouth, find out – easy way

Aadhaar Card: Now there is a new update for Aadhaar Card, where you can come in front of the camera and download the Aadhaar Card orally.

Aadhaar Card: There is a special kind of update about Aadhaar card. Now you can download the Aadhaar card with your face in front of the camera. Let’s find out here, how can you download Aadhaar from the mouth? Read more – Aadhaar Card Latest Update: For any update or question on Aadhaar Card just dial this number, this information is from UIDAI

1- First of all you have to search UIDAI in Google. When you find its website, click on it. Read more – Video Tutorial: Link your Aadhaar and PAN card in this easy way, March 31 deadline

2- After that a new page will open. Which will have all the options you need. If you get into it, you will get the option to update Aadhaar. Read more – PAN Aadhaar Card Link Deadline: Today is the last date to link to PAN Aadhaar, if not done, PAN will be disabled

3- You have to click on the gate Aadhaar card option. After that you will get another option which you have to click. On this page you will find face options.

4- You need to update your mobile number by clicking on Face option. After that you have to type captcha. After filling it, you need to click on the Face option. You click on it as soon as possible, otherwise the page will disappear. In it you will see how your face appears in front of the camera. It needs to be set. After setting the face on the camera you have to press the OK button.

5- After which your camera will be exposed. After that, the camera will click automatically when you bring your face in front of the camera. Your Aadhaar card will be downloaded as soon as you click on the image.


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