1 Bitcoin price has exceeded 30 thousand dollars, find out what is cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency in the world. Now it has set a new record. Bitcoin recorded a percent increase last Saturday. Due to which it has exceeded 31 thousand dollars. But London time slipped 1.15 minutes to $ 30,800. It happened because of falling into the market. Now the price of a bitcoin has exceeded হাজার 30,000. Bitcoin has been on a journey of success since December, when it gained 20 percent of its market value by 50 percent. Bitcoin recorded a 25 percent decline in March due to the Corona epidemic. It was the biggest drop of all time.

There were signs of growth

Mike McGlon, a product strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence, said in a note last month that Bitcoin is the best investment option in this era of economic downturn. Since then there has been a surge in investment in Bitcoin. In a note last month, Bloomberg Intelligence Commodity Strategist Mike McGolan wrote that while inflation is stable, Bitcoin is more effective as an asset than a currency issued by central banks.

The chief investigating officer at Gageenheim Investments believes Bitcoin could rise to $ 4 million. There are an estimated fifty to six million bitcoin users in India at present. This could lead to further rise in prices in the near future. According to market experts, the price of Bitcoin could reach Rs 1 crore by 2030.

Cryptocurrency key

Let me tell you that digital currency is called cryptocurrency. It is based on blockchain strategy. It uses encryption techniques, which makes it very difficult to hack. This is why the chances of cheating are further reduced. Its biggest disadvantage is that its activities are separate from the central bank.

How do you trade in bitcoins

Bitcoin is traded through digital wallets. Its prices remain the same worldwide. No country determines it and it is a currency that is digitally regulated. Its price fluctuates rapidly.


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