The government will impose EV charging on 69,000 petrol pumps in the country

The government is considering setting up at least one electric car (EV) charging kiosk at about 699,000 petrol pumps in the country. The move is expected to boost demand for electric vehicles in the country.

In addition, the government is considering making EV charging kiosks mandatory at all petrol pumps owned by all companies, operating companies (COOs) and government refineries. During a review meeting on the charging structure of electric vehicles, Power Minister RK Singh advised top officials of the Ministry of Petroleum that they could issue orders to the administratively controlled petroleum marketing companies to set up charging kiosks at all COCO petrol pumps. . A source said other franchise petrol pump operators may be advised to install at least one charging kiosk at their fuel stations. According to sources, EV charging facility will be set up at all petrol pumps in the country. According to new guidelines from the Ministry of Petroleum, at least one alternative fuel option is mandatory at all new petrol pumps. “Under alternative fuels, most new petrol pumps are opting for electric vehicle charging facilities,” the source said. If EV charging kiosks are also installed in existing petrol pumps, it will give one speed to the electric vehicles of the country. According to industry estimates, there are about 69,000 petrol pumps in the country. The facility of EV charging at all petrol pumps will give tremendous speed to electric vehicles. People are reluctant to buy electric vehicles as there is no charge facility now.
Special emphasis on big cities

The power ministry plans to set up EV charging infrastructure in Delhi-National Capital Region, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Vhodora and Bhopal. Besides, the ministry is also planning to have EV charging structure on national highways. It will encourage people to buy electric vehicles. The source said the minister believed that setting up two or three charging stations in any city would be a waste of money. The central government is preparing to give full power to public transport in Delhi. Later it may adopt other cities as well.

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